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Boris Žitnik
Boris Žitnik

Boris Zitnik founded OMNIAconsult in 1995. The company was the first ever IT market research agency in the country and the region. Its activities started with PC, printer and monitor market tracking and providing several custom consulting projects to IT vendors. The OMNIAconsult’s work was soon recognized by the leading global IT market research company, International Data Corporation (IDC) aimed to enlarge its coverage on emerging IT markets of the region. For several years OMNIAconsult served as IDC’s contracting agent. In 2001, IDC decided to establish a local subsidiary, IDC Croatia and Mr. Zitnik, (together with his personnel), was invited to manage the newly-founded subsidiary and pave the way of IDC presence in Croatia and the Adriatic region. In the years to come, the company renamed to IDC Adriatics in 2004 spread across the region (establishing offices in Ljubljana and Belgrade and a network of contracting agents in other countries of the region) posting excellent business results, and gained un unparalleled position in regional IT community.

  1. Boris Zitnik worked for IDC from 2001 to 2013, being managing director and lead analyst. He managed the company and led the research, analysis and forecasting of the IT market in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. He authored vast number of IT market intelligence reports and participated in numerous consulting projects for IT vendors and end-user community as well as government and professional associations such as countries’ Chamber of Commerce and ICT associations.

In addition IT market intelligence, Mr. Zitnik introduced and designed the research methodology on the analysis of IT industry of the mentioned countries, aimed to provide the groundwork and enable the relevant public entities to formulate the countries’ IT industry development strategy. For these endeavor Mr. Zitnik was honored with the IDC Global Innovation Award for 2007.

During the work for IDC Mr. Zitnik led such some sixty IT conferences on pending relevant topics, often introducing and formulating the event’s topic and contents. IDC aimed such events to merge, as a sort of the third pillar the end user universe demand with the IT companies’ offerings.

  1. Mr. Zitnik has been the member of professional associations, held numerous presentations and has been widely cited in media. Particularly notable was his authoring for fifteen years in a row of the annual “Top 100 IT Companies in Croatia” reports, published by InfoTrend Magazine, being the unavoidable marker od industry trends for IT companies, and source for the country’s IT industry history. Later on “The Top IT 100” study was prepared for Adriatic region, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and “Top IT 50” for Macedonia and Albania.
  2. Mr. Zitnik initiated and formulated the IDC CIO Club Croatia. The founding meeting was held in December 2012. During 2013 five thematic sessions of the Club were held.

With the begging of 2014. Mr. Zitnik has returned to OMNIAconsult to continue his IT market and industry tracking and providing the related consulting services.

Prior to establishing OMNIAconsult, Mr. Zitnik worked as an assistant professor at the Zagreb University (International Economy Dept.), a director at the State Institute for Macroeconomic Analyses and Prognosis, Head of the Foreign Economic Relations Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and founder and Member of the Board of Omnia, the IT equipment distributor and VAR.