Our core activities

OMNIAconsult tracks and analyze IT market and IT industry and provide related consulting services to IT engaged public entities and IT companies, particularly small and medium companies (SME). All IT sector stakeholders gain insights into volume, trends, determinants and structural and technology features of the overall IT market and industry and its segments as well as the role and position of individual IT companies, enabling thus the decisions backed on data, analysis and solid arguments.

Where is Croatian IT sector going to?

The insight into the IT industry and market enable relevant governmental bodies, professional ICT associations and academia to formulate IT industry development strategy, elaborate the industrial policy and design the institutional framework. In a nutshell, the answers are given to questions such as: Where is the national IT industry going to? What is its contribution to nation’s GDP, productivity, exports and job creation? Where does it stand benchmarked to other states? …., and…. founded on these: What should be done to ensure the development of country’s IT sector in desired direction?

What is the Competitive Position of Your IT Company? Where Do You Opt to?

The IT companies gain understanding on its potential and addressable market and the way to achieve its goals. It comprise the insights on: volume, structure, features and potential clients’ universe as well as technology and economy trends backing the demand patterns of a given IT market segment. (Could be specific technology niche such as ERP, CRM, document management, BI, cloud etc., specific vertical, territory area, or particular customer bunch). Following these, the IT company competitive position is assessed. It include competition evaluation, benchmarking, and resources and expertise critical mass evaluation, all condensed in comprehensive SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threads). Backed on the said, comes the choice and formulation of company’s strategy, organization, planning process and marketing mix (product, price, promotion, channels).

How to Choose the IT Partner

To the information technology end users, OMNIAconsult provide the insight on disposable offer of the equipment, packaged software and IT services on the market as well as role and competitive position of individual IT companies.